The Happiness of Pursuit

logoI had the most enjoyable evening at the Chris Guillebeau book signing event (Sept. 30, 2014). First of all, the book store hosting the event is located in the psychedelic Haight/Ashbury area of San Francisco. And it truly lives up to its groovy reputation.

I enter the quaint book store and instantly feel the positive energy that can only come from a gathering of “Questers” (People who are on personal “quests” to bring fulfilment into their lives.) While anxiously awaiting the arrival of Chris Guillebeau, Questers are exchanging stories of wild adventures and exotic travels. It’s quite thrilling hearing all these amazing and inspiring stories… And just when  I thought it couldn’t get any better,  someone brought treats!

I take my seat and immediately begin talking to the guy next to me. David is his name. He’s this really cool guy from Ireland.  He’s a traveller, and has already visited 61 countries. I asked him what motivated him to start travelling, and he replied, “Well… When you’re stuck on an island, all you want to do is ‘go'”. I love his answer.

An extremely friendly and funny guy seated behind me was this young kid (early 20’s) who happened to be a travel hack guru. I didn’t know much about travel hacking, if I’m to be honest, but man, did I learn a lot! (Travel hacking is basically the art of racking up points with various companies. These points can then be used to book hotels, pay for plane tickets, rent cars, and much more!)

Chris Guillebeau, author of “The Art of Non-Conformity”, “The $100 Start-up”, and most recently,  “The Pursuit of Happiness” is a quester’s guru. He’s travelled to every country in the world. He inspires and motivates through his books, his blog, and by example.

In his latest book, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, Chris shares stories and lessons from his travels and from other questers he’s met along the way. The moment you start reading this book you are instantly inspired to pursue your happiness.

I encourage you to check out his blog if you’re longing for some inspiration.


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