Two Rock Bands, A Drug Bust, A Road Trip, & Vegas… Finally, I’m Inspired.

So, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling very adventurous lately. Therefore, no anecdotes to tell. I work part time at a department store, and quite honestly it is the last place I would ever think of when I think “inspiration”. But it happened. Twice! 

On two separate occasions I spoke with customers who really got me out of this funk. The first guy was buying a suit.  I asked him if it was for a small special occasion. He said he was actually going on a 28 day road trip,  and the adventure was to end in Vegas. They wanted to get all decked out for Vegas… Hence, the suit.

The moment I heard “road trip” my ears perk up. I was instantly hooked. We talked a bit more about our various travels,  and he just reminded me why I started this blog, and why I want to go after my dreams of seeing the world and meeting new & different people. This guy really spoke to my spirit. It was all I could do to keep from begging if I could join their posse. But I refrained. The inspiration was enough. But we talked about making time to see the world, and creating special moments with friends. It was a great conversation. Really inspirational.

Now, the second guy I met inspired me with a completely different type of story… This customer bought a heavy full-length coat in the middle of June. So, I asked him where he was going that he needed such a heavy coat. He said he was in a band and it gets pretty cold late at night when he’s performing on stage. I asked about his band, and he asked me if I heard of the group “Sublime”. I said,  “Forgive my ignorance.  I’ve heard the name, but I can’t remember any songs.” To which he said, “You probably on heard the name because of TMZ.”

“No. I don’t watch that show. Why were you on TMZ?”

This customer goes on to tell me the funniest Rock ‘not Roll story ever! Apparently, Sublime was touring with Linkin Park.  After a show Linkin Park was resting in their hotel room while Sublime was “relaxing” in their hotel room (with some pot). Supposedly, Linkin Park didn’t like the aroma wafting from Sublime’s room and called the cops. Sublime was pissed when the cops took their pot away.

Now, I’m not condoning illegal drug use, but what a great rock ‘n roll story!



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