Spiritual Awakening

I spent two glorious days in San Francisco.  It was exactly what I needed to restore my spirit!  The first day was spent at a motivational/inspirational event.  It was amazing.  I learned a lot.  I experienced a lot.

The event started with about 45 minutes of Kundalini Yoga.  It was my first time practicing this type of yoga.  Or any type of yoga for that matter.  I tried yoga at my gym, but that was more exercise-based.  Kundalini Yoga was about quieting my mind and spirit.  It was about finding that inner strength.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The rest of the night was spent discovering and realizing what was truly holding me back; keeping me from achieving my goals.  What a powerful night!  It was eye-opening, and at times, a hard pill to swallow.  What I learned most was that I have the power to live my dream life.  However, I gave away my power/my strength by blaming others for my misfortunes.  The truth is I have no one to blame, but me.  I must accept responsibility.  I am responsible for my downfall.  But guess what!  I am also responsible for my achievements.  I am responsible for creating an awesome life!  I can make it happen!

My second day in San Francisco was spent enjoying what the beautiful city had to offer.  I spent the day relaxing.  I walked around the downtown area.  So many fantastic shops, restaurants, and cafes.  The best lunch I had in a very long time was spent dining in the outdoor patio area of this wonderful cafe.  The weather was perfect (about 72 degrees).  Traffic wasn’t hectic.  It was just enough to provide ample opportunity for people-watching.

This is just the beginning of my adventures.  I plan on doing a lot more!  I’m so excited to finally feel like I’m living!  It feels so good to be unstuck!


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