Just Start.

I’ve always wanted to run my own successful business.  For the longest time I pictured myself designing and creating beautiful home decor pieces and selling them in a really cool shop.  People from all over the world would walk into my shop and find that perfect piece for their home.  We would chat, and they would share stories about where they live and how they live, and I would be filled with pride knowing that what I’ve crafted will be a part of their home story.

This amazing business… But where to begin? How do I begin? Too many questions. Too many things to do before I even get started. It was all too overwhelming, and I would just shut down. This amazing business ended before it even began.

Years went by and my dream business remained just a dream.  If I’m to be honest, it was killing me.  This feeling of wanting and not doing combined with working a dead-end job was killing my spirit.  But how do I get started? How do I go from a dream in my head to a building filled with my designs? I was feeling overwhelmed again. But this time, I was not going to shut down.  This time, I’m going to make my dream a reality.  No more wanting or wishing or hoping.  I’m taking action!

I began by reading inspirational/motivational books. I started researching the type of business I want and what it takes to make it happen. I started talking to & surrounding myself around “go-getter” types of people. I started following positive people on Facebook. And then one day someone posted a simple, but powerful message…

”Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — Arthur Ashe

This made so much sense. The idea of going from nothing one day to a full-fledge business the next paralysed me. There are a million things I needed to do.  There are a million things that I couldn’t do. But I thought, “If I could start where I’m at, what could I do?” I could sew. I could make pillows. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Start small. The only thing that matters is that I start.

I began crafting pillows. I felt alive. As silly as it sounds, I felt alive.

I now have products to sell. Great. But where to sell them. I don’t have a shop. Do I give up again? No! I’m quite fortunate because I live in area where there are loads of Flea Markets, and loads more craft fairs!  Problem solved.

It’s 5am, Sunday morning and I’m waiting for the flea market to open its doors to vendors. I should be tired and sleepy, but I’m so pumped. I’m opening shop! I’m going to sell wares that I crafted. About an hour later the sun rises and I begin to see people walking around.  The flea market is open and I’m ready for business!

Now, I know selling pillows at a flea market is far from my dream of selling a whole line of home decor products in a really cool shop.  However, I’m far closer today to accomplishing my dream than I was yesterday, and all I did was “start”.flea market pillowsflea market pillows2


Thank You!

I just wanted to say “Thank-you” to everybody whose following my blog & liking my stories.  I also want to thank everybody for encouraging me to live my best life and enjoy all the adventures the world has to offer! You guys have been so great! Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you!

I hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

The Happiness of Pursuit

logoI had the most enjoyable evening at the Chris Guillebeau book signing event (Sept. 30, 2014). First of all, the book store hosting the event is located in the psychedelic Haight/Ashbury area of San Francisco. And it truly lives up to its groovy reputation.

I enter the quaint book store and instantly feel the positive energy that can only come from a gathering of “Questers” (People who are on personal “quests” to bring fulfilment into their lives.) While anxiously awaiting the arrival of Chris Guillebeau, Questers are exchanging stories of wild adventures and exotic travels. It’s quite thrilling hearing all these amazing and inspiring stories… And just when  I thought it couldn’t get any better,  someone brought treats!

I take my seat and immediately begin talking to the guy next to me. David is his name. He’s this really cool guy from Ireland.  He’s a traveller, and has already visited 61 countries. I asked him what motivated him to start travelling, and he replied, “Well… When you’re stuck on an island, all you want to do is ‘go'”. I love his answer.

An extremely friendly and funny guy seated behind me was this young kid (early 20’s) who happened to be a travel hack guru. I didn’t know much about travel hacking, if I’m to be honest, but man, did I learn a lot! (Travel hacking is basically the art of racking up points with various companies. These points can then be used to book hotels, pay for plane tickets, rent cars, and much more!)

Chris Guillebeau, author of “The Art of Non-Conformity”, “The $100 Start-up”, and most recently,  “The Pursuit of Happiness” is a quester’s guru. He’s travelled to every country in the world. He inspires and motivates through his books, his blog, and by example.

In his latest book, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, Chris shares stories and lessons from his travels and from other questers he’s met along the way. The moment you start reading this book you are instantly inspired to pursue your happiness.

I encourage you to check out his blog if you’re longing for some inspiration.  ChrisGuillebeau.com

Paloma Faith Concert!!!


Last week I attended a kick-ass concert by the fantastic Paloma Faith! I am, officially, a fan! She was amazing! Okay… I was already a fan, but my goodness, she blew me away! Her music… Great! Her energy… Great!

U.S. fans eagerly awaited as U.K. artist, Paloma Faith, finally made her way to The States to promote her latest album, “A Perfect Contradiction”. I am so full of English pride after watching her concert. She did England proud.

I caught Paloma’s concert at Slim’s in San Francisco. What an awesome venue!

Thank you, Paloma Faith, for performing 3 of my favorite songs: “Mouth to Mouth”, “Can’t Rely On You”, and “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”.

San Diego

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Spent an amazing holiday in San Diego.  Such a calm and relaxing place. I was there for two great reasons. One, to witness the union of two of the nicest people in the world. And two, to celebrate my birthday! I had a great time hanging out with old friends, and meeting new ones. Most of my time was spent in Little Italy, the Gas lamp district & Balboa Park. I had so much fun I actually ran out of time to hit the beach! I know, right?!?! Always make ,time for the beach. Fortunately, this means I’ll have to back very soon to enjoy the waves! Little Italy is a great area for amazing Italian food, cute little shops, and, to my surprise, some really cool art galleries.  If you’re there on a Saturday morning, be sure to check out San Diego’s largest farmers market…Delicious fresh produce, breads, and cheeses. Cool t-shirts and beautiful art work. It’s all there.

Two Rock Bands, A Drug Bust, A Road Trip, & Vegas… Finally, I’m Inspired.

So, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling very adventurous lately. Therefore, no anecdotes to tell. I work part time at a department store, and quite honestly it is the last place I would ever think of when I think “inspiration”. But it happened. Twice! 

On two separate occasions I spoke with customers who really got me out of this funk. The first guy was buying a suit.  I asked him if it was for a small special occasion. He said he was actually going on a 28 day road trip,  and the adventure was to end in Vegas. They wanted to get all decked out for Vegas… Hence, the suit.

The moment I heard “road trip” my ears perk up. I was instantly hooked. We talked a bit more about our various travels,  and he just reminded me why I started this blog, and why I want to go after my dreams of seeing the world and meeting new & different people. This guy really spoke to my spirit. It was all I could do to keep from begging if I could join their posse. But I refrained. The inspiration was enough. But we talked about making time to see the world, and creating special moments with friends. It was a great conversation. Really inspirational.

Now, the second guy I met inspired me with a completely different type of story… This customer bought a heavy full-length coat in the middle of June. So, I asked him where he was going that he needed such a heavy coat. He said he was in a band and it gets pretty cold late at night when he’s performing on stage. I asked about his band, and he asked me if I heard of the group “Sublime”. I said,  “Forgive my ignorance.  I’ve heard the name, but I can’t remember any songs.” To which he said, “You probably on heard the name because of TMZ.”

“No. I don’t watch that show. Why were you on TMZ?”

This customer goes on to tell me the funniest Rock ‘not Roll story ever! Apparently, Sublime was touring with Linkin Park.  After a show Linkin Park was resting in their hotel room while Sublime was “relaxing” in their hotel room (with some pot). Supposedly, Linkin Park didn’t like the aroma wafting from Sublime’s room and called the cops. Sublime was pissed when the cops took their pot away.

Now, I’m not condoning illegal drug use, but what a great rock ‘n roll story!


Fun. Laughs. Good Times.

I had a blast hanging out with some crazy people!!! It was an impromptu gathering at a local watering hole with some friends and co-workers. Oh man! My cheeks are still acheing from all the laughter.

People posing for silly pictures. Wacky tales & anecdotes told. Face Time. Endless drinks. Good food. And the waiter spilled a tray full of drinks at the table near us.

It was exactly what I needed. I am so thankful for moments like these,  fun, positive,  crazy friends. I cannot stress the  importantance of simply hanging out with fun people and having a good time! Whether planned or not, make sure you’re having fun, hanging out with friends, and laughing.